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Leasing is a method of financing the purchase of vehicles and equipment for a company that is eagerly chosen by entrepreneurs. What are the advantages of this solution? How is it different from credit? The presented recording is a record from the workshop: “Levers of entrepreneurship” organized by us in Lublin on June 13, 2017.

A young entrepreneur who works full-time and would like to register his own business asked me the question: “I need a car. Can I finance it through you? “. “Of course!” That was my answer.

Leasing can be obtained a day after starting a business

Leasing can be obtained a day after starting a business

The difference between credit and leasing is that leasing can be obtained on the first day of business activity. As for the possibility of taking a loan – here you need a history of the business .

Most leasing companies are connected to banks, from where they obtain financing (of course not all). The leasing company secures itself on the object. So for example in a car. However, when granting a loan, the bank checks the borrower. His story is very important here.

You can lease almost anything

Just as we can buy everything with a loan through Good Finance, you can also lease almost anything. Not only cars but also IT equipment, furniture, real estate, offices are leased. Once leasing was associated only with a car. Today, the range of services has significantly expanded.

The 4 most important reasons why you should use operational leasing

The 4 most important reasons why you should use operational leasing

  1. It is a safe, quick and easily available form of investment financing.
  2. You gain access to machines, devices, and equipment necessary to run a business, without having to put all the cash in advance to buy them.
  3. Polish tax regulations ‘favor’ leasing. So you not only spread the purchase of equipment into installments but also take advantage of tax savings.
  4. Leasing is available to companies at an early stage of development. The reason is that even if a business idea fails, the leased asset always remains.

In the simplified procedure, we are able to lease an item in 48 hours (simplified procedure: if the lessee provides all documents and makes the initial payment. The higher the initial payment, the lower the risk on the part of the leasing company and the greater the chance for cooperation).

Operational leasing, financial leasing, credit – comparison

Who is the owner of the device?

In the case of operational and financial leasing, the lessor manages fixed assets himself. It is the owner of an item, for example, a car.

In the case of credit, the customer is the owner of the item.

Depreciation time

In financial leasing, the car depreciation period lasts 5 years. In operational leasing – 2 years. After two years, we can take over this item in full value as our property. If you buy for cash with a loan, we have 5 years to depreciate.

In financial leasing, the depreciation limit is USD 20,000, or USD 80,000.

If we are interested in a tractor unit worth USD 250,000, unfortunately, tens of thousands of USD will not be depreciated.

With operating leasing, 100% goes into the depreciation of the leasing company.

In the case of credit – 1 00% depreciation lies with the customer.

The option of entering the purchased device into costs

Operating leases are more convenient and more favorable when it comes to taxes.

If I have to depreciate myself, then I have to set up a register of fixed assets. I have to remember to depreciate this item over time. All fees can be included in the tax-deductible expenses.

In the case of financial leasing and credit – only depreciation and interest in installments can be included in tax-deductible costs.

VAT tax

In operational leasing, VAT applies throughout the duration of the contract. But beware 50% for passenger cars, 100% for vans and trucks.

In the case of financial leasing, we pay VAT once at the beginning of the contract.

It is worth noting that there are products that are subject to 8% VAT, e.g. medical equipment. When buying medical equipment in leasing, I should only choose financial leasing. Because if I would like to take the same product in operational leasing, I will pay 23% VAT. Of course, I can deduct it from the tax and customers choose this option, saying, “I prefer operating leasing because then I can deduct more VAT.” But in reality, this product will be more expensive because there is a difference between 8% and 23% VAT.


Simply put, leasing is nothing but renting, so the leasing company rents the product to us when buying a product. The rental service has a 23% VAT, so the leasing company must charge 23% VAT.

Financial leasing, in turn, is nothing but the delivery of a product. So the leasing company only charges a fee for delivering a product, not for renting it.

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How to get a Loan without surety? Thu, 06 Feb 2020 10:51:07 +0000

Having a guarantor when requesting money is an advantage that opens many opportunities. But when you don’t have one, is it possible to get a loan without a surety? The truth is that there is the possibility of requesting an unsecured loan, but first, you have to know the characteristics and requirements that are needed.

What is a surety

What is a surety

A guarantor is a support person when a borrower requests a certain amount of money to acquire things like mortgage, car purchase or a personal loan. This person (guarantor) agrees to be responsible for paying the debt if the borrower does not meet the corresponding payments. Simply put, it is a guarantee requested by the lender to avoid default.

Can anyone be a guarantor? The answer to this is no, and this is because you must have certain requirements. The main requirements that a guarantor is required are: to have a source of monthly income, to have sufficient capital to face the debtor to have one or more assets that can be used to pay the debt.

Loan without surety

A loan without surety may seem like a fiction movie, but it is possible. When correct credit history is maintained, complying with all the installments and even canceling the loan in advance, they are considered by the bank as good clients. Added to this, a person who has monthly income with a medium-high amount also enters the list of good clients.

Similarly, a user who has assets such as, car, housing, business, among others, can obtain a loan without a surety. These people qualify to have this type of financing because they can respond with the payment of the debt.

On the other hand, there is another type of loan without the need for a guarantor, these are fast online loans. The amounts granted are usually of low amounts, tend to have a payment time of less than one year and the interest is higher.

Requirements to apply for a loan without surety

Requirements to apply for a loan without surety

Fast loans without collateral request the minimum requirements, below we indicate the basic requirements demanded.

1- Be of legal age. Each financial institution has a minimum age that is usually between 18, 21 and 25 years.
2- Be a resident of the country where you apply. In Spain, you must present your DNI, NIE or Spanish passport.
3- Regular income. A constant monthly income must be demonstrated, it is not required to be a payroll. The income must give proof of being able to face the payment.
4- Email. This way you will be informed of the status and process of the loan.

The truth is that obtaining a loan without a surety can be very simple and fast. You just have to meet some of the characteristics, the requirements and look for the best loan. In Good Credit Loans you can compare different options of financial institutions and choose the best option. In addition, several applications can be made at the same time, so there are more opportunities to get a secured loan.

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Get to know the types of student loans Mon, 03 Feb 2020 10:30:49 +0000



Studying a university degree is an option that many people consider. For some, it is a dream, a goal or the way to train for the world of work. The truth is that studying a university degree involves a series of expenses and not everyone can afford it. For this problem there is an option and they are student loans. In this post we want to talk about the variety of options that exist for this type of loan.

Types of student loans

Types of student loans

Nowadays it is possible to find different options to finance studies. To begin, some universities have agreements with banks, which offers a direct link between the faculty and the financial entity. There are also custom loans to cover tuition and other expenses. And finally, online personal loans, which have other advantages. Below we show the types of student loans.

Total payment of the race

As the name says, this type of loan covers the entire cost of the career. The amount is stipulated with the duration indicated by the university, and this includes the interests and commissions indicated by the financial entity. This loan model works by canceling the tuition amount each year.

Postgraduate, master, doctorate

Post-university studies are a boom today, as they tend to expand opportunities in the labor market. This type of loan is highly requested by students who finish their studies, and even by professionals who seek to expand their knowledge.

Research studies

There are careers where studies or projects need to be done. For this there are quick loan options to finance these activities. Also, some banks offer special plans for these types of loans. It is important to have a detailed budget of all project expenses when the request is made.

Scholarship Advance

Loan advance loans are a very recurring application. This especially for scholarships offered by public entities, which tend to delay delivery. The financial institution is responsible for giving partial payments or the full amount of the scholarship.

Student exchange

This modality is for those students who wish to make a cultural exchange while expanding their knowledge. These loans are requested by students and graduates looking to do international studies or learn a new language.

What do student loans include?

What do student loans include?

Depending on the type of loan requested, this tends to include extras for greater practicality. Below is a list of the additional student loans you may have:

  • Maintenance.
  • Mobility.
  • Material for studies.
  • Language / computer course.
  • Computer equipment: computer, tablet, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that these extras must be justified with your proper invoice. This applies to loans in banking entities, since in this way the bank can deliver the money periodically.

On the other hand, a practical option is online loans. With them you can get what you need quickly and without much paperwork. In Ideal Loans you can compare various loan options for students and find the option that best suits your needs.

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How does fast short or long term loans work? Tue, 14 Jan 2020 10:03:49 +0000

Applying for a loan online is a quick and easy process. But before making a request, certain characteristics that influence the final payment must be evaluated. There are two payment methods, fast short or long term loans. These two variables allow the borrower to have more flexibility to pay the debt. Learn more about these types of loans in today’s post.

Fast short or long term loans

Loans have two payment methods, short or long term. This makes it easy to adapt to any need. Choose a fast short or long term loan It will depend on the reason why it is requested. Because a short-term request may be when there is not enough money available to make a purchase or a timely payment before collecting the payroll. Meanwhile, a long-term loan can be the reason for an investment or the purchase of a machinery or car.

It is important to recognize each of the modalities, since this will make the best choice. Each one of them is detailed below:

Long term

Long term

Long-term loans are those that have a cancellation period between 1 to 30 years. An example of this is mortgage loans. This type of loan is used to fulfill a dream or a goal, these are some of the cases for which they are requested: studies, celebrations, trips, home, car, among others.

The long-term modality adapts to the capabilities of each applicant, since the longer the quota is less. Although this means that the total to be paid in the end is greater. This is because the longer the term, the more interest you have to pay. On the other hand, the quantities they offer in the long term are for large quantities, they can reach up to USD 100,000.

Short term

Short term

This type of loan refers to a punctual debt of low interest. This is used to pay a quick payment. Short-term online loans tend to be limited and the maximum amount granted is usually USD 1,000. On the other hand, the payment time of these loans is summarized as follows: for companies an approximate time of 12 months. Meanwhile, fast online loans have a term from 1 month to 3 months.

One of the advantages of this modality is low interest. The fewer fees, the lower the interest. There are financial institutions that offer promotions to their new clients. In the first application they are granted financing with 0% interest.

According to statistics, short-term loans are the most requested in online entities. The most frequent utility of this is to pay a debt or make a purchase before payroll.

It can be said that fast short or long term loans are the most flexible part of the loans. It is important to recognize them, since by being able to differentiate them, a better decision can be made when acquiring financing. In Ideal Loans, it is very easy to find entities that offer short or long term loans.

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Installment loan without Credit Bureau Fri, 10 Jan 2020 10:40:50 +0000

So that consumers can get a loan, they must not have negative entries in the Credit Bureau. Banks often reject loan agreements if the Credit Bureau is not clean, because that always reduces the customer’s creditworthiness. Nevertheless, a loan is needed at that point, so that many switch to an installment loan without Credit Bureau. This loan offers many advantages and can also be taken out by borrowers who do not have a good credit rating.

Where is the loan given?

Where is the loan given?

The installment loan without Credit Bureau cannot be taken out from German banks. They always work with Credit Bureau when it comes to a loan. For example, the applicant must find a lender abroad. He does not have to travel abroad to do this, but can find a suitable offer with the help of a credit intermediary. This can be found on the Internet by consumers who offer their services there. They work with banks that are based abroad and process the applications. The future borrower only has to sit at the computer at home and look for a credit broker.

What are the terms and conditions?

What are the terms and conditions?

Foreign banks are also tough on the conditions. You do not require Credit Bureau information for an installment loan without Credit Bureau, but do not want to forego collateral. For example, the applicant must provide proof of salary and a certificate that he has been working for at least two years. In addition, foreign banks always require a confirmation of registration so that the customer can prove that he lives in Germany.

The income he earns must be attachable in an emergency. This ensures that banks will always receive their money, even if the borrower can no longer pay the installments. The applicant must not be under the age of 18 and must not be self-employed or unemployed. The customer then receives an attractive loan offer for these requirements, although interest rates can vary widely.

So the offers of the different banks should always be compared. The credit intermediaries should also be compared, because they always require an agency fee to conclude a contract. This can also be of different heights. The installment loan without Credit Bureau is not entered in Credit Bureau, so the customer can apply for further loans in the near future.



Abroad it is easy to get a loan that does not require Credit Bureau information. If you compare offers with each other, you will find a cheap offer and will quickly and easily receive a loan contract.

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Origin of loans: evolution of loans over time Wed, 08 Jan 2020 10:52:43 +0000

The need to get money in advance is almost as old as civilization. The origin of the loans has a history that goes back many years; It can be said that it is among the oldest financial procedures. We can register its origin until the Ancient Age, at which time the first empires rise. Where did it arise exactly? Find out in this post

Origin of loans in Mesopotamia


The first registered on the loans appear more than 3000 years ago in Mesopotamia. It is said that the first financing was made between friends and family. Meanwhile, in other markets, more formal contracts were made that included interest. Thus, it could be said that they were formalized very quickly. Although it was Greeks and Romans who were most dedicated to this activity. Thanks to this practice, both civilizations managed to prosper.

In addition, loans used to be fast as they were intended for timely payments. In the case of the Romans, specific laws were established to control interests. In this way, they tried to put an end to the abuses and even to end the penalty of slavery for non-payment of debts.

The arrival of the Middle Ages


With the fall of the Roman Empire and the expansion of Christianity, the loans almost fell into oblivion. This was because the economy went bankrupt; also that Christian morality was against the accumulation of wealth.

It was common to accuse usurers of the few lenders that existed, which used to be Jews. If you ever wondered why you hate this person, it was precise because of their dedication to finance and the origin of their loans.

The Jews, thanks to their perseverance as lenders, came to amass true fortunes. These were so large that they financed entire kingdoms and all kinds of businesses. In addition, they offered 0% interest to members of their community, something they did not do with other people.

Modernity and the arrival of the contemporary world


The economy began to grow stronger and with it the loans. The voyages of the discoverers like Columbus when he discovered America, were financed with loans. Carlos V himself, emperor of Germany, requested money from the nobles he ruled. This was very common among kings and emperors. Thus, during the Modern Age, this practice became habitual, which was reinforced in the eighteenth century; the moment in which the first commercial banks were created.

Without an overwhelming growth of wealth, all this would not have been possible. Thanks to this, we can now find a wide range of loan offers. Which adapts to the conditions of any person.

In short, the origin of the loans has been and will continue to be part of the history and development of civilization. During his passage through time, he encountered ups and downs, as in the Middle Ages; but they managed to survive because of their usefulness and the need that existed. Today, finances are available to everyone just one click away. In Good Credit Loans you can find financing from 300 dollars in just 15 minutes.

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Where do I find fast loans? Sun, 22 Dec 2019 10:52:27 +0000

Where do I find fast loans that fit what I need? This is a question we ask ourselves with some frequency; since today there are large numbers of lenders. But how to know which is the Good Credit? Everyone’s idea is to find a fast loan that suits what we need. Therefore in this post, we will give some tips to find the best loan option.

Where do I find fast loans?


On the internet, we can find endless options to apply for a loan, but not all of them are fast or secure. The key is to compare different options and make sure it is a secure loan. As you have heard so many times, comparing is the determining factor to obtain the loan – and any other product – in the most favorable conditions for the user. The fact of having a loan comparator allows us to have a tool that saves us time and work when comparing.

There are four aspects that will make a difference when you get a loan and are the following:

  • The amount of the loan: since according to the money you need there will be entities that will not offer it to you.
  • The interest: each lender will have an interest that will be charged for the loan. This point is decisive when choosing because we can calculate how much money will have to be returned.
  • The minimum age: although it is usually enough to have 18 years to apply, we can meet with lenders that require the minimum age of 21 or 25 years.
  • Finally, we have the repayment term: this includes the payment periods or the time we have to repay that fast loan.

How fast loans work

Unlike other types of loans, fast online loans work without paperwork. To make a request you just have to access the entity to which you are going to apply for the loan and enter the following information:

-Name and surname
-Date of birth
-Current account (only in some entities)
-Quantity of money to request
-Time for the money back.

Upon entering this data the request will be automatic. You will also be able to get an answer in a short time, in some cases up to 15 minutes.

These loans are perfect to cover the small needs that may arise on a day-to-day basis. Many of them do not require a payroll in the application, which gives more opportunities. It is important to always show that payment can be made for the loan to be approved.

The answer to the question, where do I find fast loans? It’s very simple, you just have to visit Good Credit Loans and start comparing the loans that best fit your budget. You just have to fill in the form with your data and wait for a quick response. Do not forget that you can make comparisons as many times as you want until you find the conditions that best suit you.

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Loans for reforms: where and how to apply? Sun, 01 Dec 2019 10:06:55 +0000

Maybe the time has come to renovate your house, to give it a new air. But do you have enough liquidity to do so? Most families in this situation are forced to ask for money in order to defray the expenses. Moreover, reform companies usually have financing formulas, which they will tell you when making your budget. In the case of having to request loans for reforms, is it more interesting to ask the bank as a personal loan or is it better to take the financing offered by the company itself?

What are reform loans?

What are reform loans?


Many banks offer loans for reforms exclusively. Others treat it as a personal loan, with the same conditions they offer for other things. How to buy a car or deal with an unforeseen expense at home. Keep in mind that the characteristics of that loan will depend greatly on your financial situation.

That loan you are asking for is to make a reform in your home or business. That is, it is to pay the company that will execute the work. Holidays or stays in another place should not be included in it while they are working at home.

For their part, reform companies also offer this type of financing when hiring their services. They have special conditions, since they are the ones who will either lend you the money or have talked to an entity to do so.

And who to ask for?

And who to ask for?

You cannot give a firm answer A or B. It is best to look for different options until you find the most interesting conditions. Of course, it is convenient that you have a number of issues present when requesting financing to reform your home:

– If your financial situation is unstable, the bank may not give you the loan. Perhaps the reform company will be less thorough in its investigations. You can also use a loan comparator to find out more offers and conditions, not just the one offered by traditional banking.

– If the bank is the one that gives you the money, you can request several budgets from different companies. Thus, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. However, if you ask for money from the company itself, you can only work with it. Which will make it more difficult to negotiate the conditions.

– Sometimes, when you ask for financing from the reform company, you will get some advantages over the work. This must be taken into account before deciding.

Therefore, a single answer cannot be given when requesting loans for reforms. It is best to compare and try to stay with the best conditions. In Ideal Loans you can compare several options and choose the one that best suits you.

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